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BrickSearch is the fastest way to find piece counts, minifigures, photos, building instructions and more info about any LEGO set.

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About BrickSearch

BrickSearch puts every LEGO set right in the palm of your hand.

With a comprehensive LEGO database and super fast searching, BrickSearch is the quickest way to find the exact set you are looking for. Add sets to your collection or wanted list, find building instructions, and view photos, piece counts and minifigures.


Everything You Need in a LEGO App

Fast Search

Blazing fast live autocomplete searching

Building Instructions

Find LEGO building instructions and build your sets

Collection Tracking

Track your LEGO collection and wanted sets in the app, and attach notes to any set

Easy To Use Interface

Clean, simple interface that anyone can use.

Photos of Sets & Minifigures

View and zoom-in on high-resolution photos of LEGO sets and minifigures.

Theme Browser

Browse LEGO themes, including Space, Creator, and Star Wars, and discover new sets.

Ratings & Reviews

What BrickSearch Users Are Saying

Excellent! The best LEGO collector app!


I love this app! I’ve tried all the others and they’re clunky and buggy. This one is so easy to use! The interface is nicely done. I loaded my entire collection into it tonight in about an hour (about 140,000 pieces with tons of sets and mini figures).

Faster than web search


Excellent search feature, found 3 year old 75082 quickly with direct link to instructions. Would have paid $ for this app; perhaps developer can add an in app purchase for those of us that would like to encourage apps like this one. Thanks for saving time, hope you get rewarded for your time.

Fantastic App for sorting your Lego collection


Downloaded and I’m glad I did. All you need to do is search the name or model number, find your set and click the tick to add it to your collection. The kids like searching by theme or browsing the collection to find models they’d like to find or interesting older models. Thank you, please never pull support for this app!

Great tool for buildings Lego models


This app has a great, clean interface and will make building sets easier.



This is very helpful for wanting to build something out of legos ( for the set ) and u even get instructions!!!!!!! Pics, piece count, just amazing thank u for this app!

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