AT-TE Walker

This powerful six-legged walker vehicle is a vital part of the Republic forces. Separatists around the galaxy fear its approach! This miniature build features details straight from The Clone Wars ! Four ball-turret laser cannons line the front of the walker! A single heavy cannon is mounted on the turret! The walker’s armour easily deflect small arms fire! AT-TE Walker dimensions: 12.6cm x 7.7cm! LEGO Club Exclusives are only available to LEGO Club members from launch for a period of six weeks. If you would like to purchase this product between 9th November and 21st December 2009 someone in your household must be a member of the LEGO Club. If you would like to register your child for LEGO Club membership please add this product to your shopping cart and fill in the LEGO Club membership form at the end of checkout. If someone in your household is already a LEGO Club member, please add this item to your cart and proceed as usual.


[US] BrickMaster exclusive set.
[UK] Available from Shop At Home.


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