CHI Laval

CHI-up and build the ultimate Laval!

Roar into battle with CHI Laval – the Lion tribe’s fearsome leader converted with CHI power into a mighty buildable warrior! Protect the precious CHI orb encased in his chest armor. Fend off invading tribes with his scorching fire claws, flaming fire sword and Phoenix shield. Prove that CHI Laval has too much firepower for his icy enemies!

  • Features a lion head with translucent fire mane, fire claws, buildable fire sword and Phoenix shield, chest armor with playable CHI function, decorated leg armor, translucent elements and posable joints
  • Move CHI Laval’s super-flexible limbs for ferocious battle poses!
  • Pop the precious CHI out from the chest armor
  • Battle for the honor of the Lion tribe
  • Clash with 70210 CHI Sir Vardy
  • Combine with 70211 CHI Fluminox using building instructions available at LEGO.comChimaBI to create a powered-up CHI Laval figure
  • Stands over 7” (19cm) tall


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