Record and Play

With Record and Play, you can build models that walk, roll, or even write, all at your command! Hit "record," move your creation forward, backward, turn left or right, stop, in any order. Then hit "play" and your model will repeat the movements you've recorded! Batteries required (not included.)

The special Idea Book included features full instructions for 6 models and inspiration for 6 more!

The Idea Book included with this set brings hours of fun, with detailed step by step building instructions for 6 models. Once you have mastered these, there are another 6 idea starters to inspire creative building with this Inventor Set!

Enter a whole new dimension of building with LEGO Inventor Sets! Construct wild creations of your own that really move, and then watch them go! Each LEGO Inventor Set features a wide assortment of elements in different shapes and colors, plus inspiration for many different models. Combine sets and create totally unique models that are yours alone!

All LEGO Inventor Sets feature:
At least 6 full building instructions for cool models that move
Unique elements and new LEGO brick colors
Three levels of building fun — Quick Build, Experienced Build, and Advanced Build

Imagine it.. build it.. and make it move!

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