Robo Attack

Attention, Agents Trace and Chase! The villainous Dr. Inferno is on the loose in the City with his latest mad scientist creation — a stomping, crushing monster robot with a giant claw and flame arm! Your Mission: to use your Agent Super Jet with flick missiles and your harpoon-equipped Quad Bike to disable the robot and capture Dr. Inferno before he escapes in his jet-pod! 6 minifigures included: Dr. Inferno, Agents Trace and Chase, and 3 tourists! Robot splits into 2 sections: upper body can become a fly away vehicle! Light-up function in flame arm! Agent vehicles include harpoon-equipped quad bike and super jet with flick fire missiles! Robot measures 9 inches (22.9cm) tall and has a 15 inch (38.1cm) arm span!


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