Shadow Snapper

Covered in armored spikes and bristling with razor-sharp claws and teeth, the ferocious, amphibious Shadow Snapper is a deep-sea diver's worst nightmare! A super-fast combat sub with dual flick-launching torpedoes is the Deep Salvage Crew diver's only chance to get past this lurking leviathan and retrieve the yellow Atlantis treasure key…but will even this high-speed sub be quick enough for him to escape with the prize? Includes deep-sea diver minifigure. Includes Shadow Snapper, combat sub and diver minifigure Yellow Atlantis treasure key included! Collect them all! Fire the sub's dual flick-launching torpedoes Super-fast sub's propeller really spins Snapper measures 8" (20cm) long Sub measures 5" (12cm) long


[UK, US] Toys R Us exclusive.


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