Skopio XV-1

Combining the amazing fighting skills of a real Skopio scorpion with retractable treads, this vehicle can move on four legs or shift into a high speed tracked machine. Armed with blasters, a spiked Thornax launcher and moving pincers, the Skopio wanders the wasteland with its creator and pilot, Telluris, crushing all who oppose it! Includes vehicle, figure, 2 Life Counters and 2 Midak Skyblasters. Includes Telluris figure and vehicle! Features scorpion-like retractable treads, blasters and moving pinchers! Raise and lower the spiked Thornax launcher! Vehicle can move on 4 legs or shift into a high speed tracked machine! Skopio measures 20″ (51 cm) long, 8″ (20 cm) tall and 11″ (28 cm) wide


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