Turbocar Chase

Dr. Inferno’s laptop computer is loaded with secret information about his plans to conquer the world. It’s the LEGO Agent’s mission to locate his hidden base, snatch the laptop, and get out as fast as you can. Fortunately, you’ve got the latest high-tech turbocar on your side, packed with super-spy gadgets from an ejector seat to hidden lasers and missile launchers! Crash through the electronic-alarm gate, but watch out — the spider-legged Spy Clops and his mecha-copter are in hot pursuit! Includes Agent Chase, Henchman and spider-legged Spy Clops minifigures! Turbocar has an ejector seat, pop-up launchers in front and hidden flick-fire missiles in back! Crash through the gate to set off the working alarm! Helicopter has a retractable winch to lower Spy Clops down and pull him back up! Launch the helicopter’s twin flick-fire rockets! Car measures over 6″ (15cm) long and over 3″ (7cm) wide! Helicopter is 10″ (25cm) long!


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