Batcave: The Riddler Face-off

Batman” adventures at the feature-packed Batcave”


Fans of The Batman movie aged 8+ can impress their super-hero friends with LEGO┬« DC Batman” Batcave”: The Riddler” Face-off (76183). Batman s action-packed HQThe Batcave is equipped with computers, tools and welding gear for vehicle repairs. The 2 side walls, one with a large GOTHAM CITY” map and the other with a tool rack, are hinged so they can be rotated into different positions for more play space. The set features 6 minifigures from The Batman movie: Batman, Selina Kyle”, The Riddler, The Drifter, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. 3 elements containing coded messages from The Riddler can be read only when kids use the special magnifying glass to reveal the clues. When Batman ventures out on his motorcycle, he can disguise himself as his alter ego, The Drifter. And, if he returns with any villains, the Batcave even has its own jail. The playset also allows the Batmobile” from Batmobile: The Penguin” Chase (76181, not included) to be driven onto the ramps ready for repairs.


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