The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault

When The Joker™ and his henchman take to the skies, it's up to Batman™ and the Batwing to stop him! Launch the Batwing's missile at The Joker Copter and stop the villain from dropping laughing gas on the city of Gotham!

  • Open the Batwing's wings to reveal slide-out rockets!
  • Launch the Batwing's missile at The Joker's hidden-weapons helicopter!
  • Sleek Batwing measures 10" (25cm) wide and 15" (38cm) long!
  • Hit the spotlight to knock the ladder and the crooked clown from the air!
  • Batwing's wings opens to reveal slide-out rockets!
  • The Joker Copter measures 9" (22cm) long!
  • Includes stand for Batwing with flip-down ladder!
  • Batman has lots of cool gadgets!
  • Includes grey-suited Batman, The Joker and henchman minifigures.


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